20 Productivity Tips to Save You Time

  1. Do the most important tasks first and set aside a chunk of time where you can focus on this work.

  2. Use a calendar and scheduler to plan out your day.

  3. Batch tasks and try to do all similar work in the one sitting.

  4. Create a timetable that you can stick with and put it somewhere where you'll see it every day.

  5. Automate! Automate! Automate! If there's a tool that'll do the work for you, use it!

  6. Avoid multi-tasking and just give your attention to one task at a time.

  7. Stop procrastinating. Just get it done and don't wait for even more work to build up before you get to it.

  8. Have systems and processes in place for each task.

  9. Take time to review your processes and schedule. Is there anything that needs to be changed?

  10. Start saying no. What's the worst that could happen?

  11. Have a place for everything and keep everything in its place.

  12. Set up folders and binders for each area of your business (physical and/or digital).

  13. Don't be afraid to outsource work or ask for help.

  14. Have a schedule for your newsletters, blogs and social media. And follow it.

  15. Take breaks and get out of 'work mode'. Your mind will be much clearer.

  16. Keep on top of your emails and don't let your inbox build up too much.

  17. Start unsubscribing from things that you're just not bothered about.

  18. Only take on what you can handle. You don't want to burn out.

  19. Use and update your to do list as you complete tasks.

  20. Some things can wait. You don't have to do everything today.

Joanne DavorenComment