20 Blog Post Ideas for Holistic Therapists


If you are a holistic therapist or practitioner and you’re looking for some ideas for your blog, then look no further!

  1. How _____ (therapy) can help with _____ (problem)

  2. My favourite natural products for _____

  3. How to create an uplifting morning routine

  4. Natural ways to deal with stress

  5. Product ingredients you'll want to avoid

  6. How to live a more holistic life

  7. A list of client testimonials for a particular therapy

  8. 10 ways to help yourself unwind

  9. What happens during _____ (therapy)

  10. How I've helped clients with _____ (problem)

  11. An introduction to _____ (therapy)

  12. 5 ways to improve your life with _____ (therapy)

  13. The benefits of massage for _____ (problem)

  14. Healthy, natural alternatives to your favourite snacks

  15. 5 ways to bring calm into your home

  16. The most common questions I am asked as a _____ (title)

  17. Weekly/monthly round-up of the best holistic resources

  18. Why you should be meditating

  19. All about a brand new therapy you are offering

  20. The importance of self-care and my top 10 tips!

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