Tools and Automation to Boost Productivity

As business owners, we have access to so many tools and software that make it easier to run a business. In today’s blog post we’re looking at some of the different tools that help you to use your time better and automate business tasks.

Time Saving Tools

These tools help you to get more things done in less time.

Use to-do lists or a similar method to list all the things that need to be done. It can be useful to braindump each morning and evening so that you can approach your work with a clear mind.

Trello is a great project management tool for listing and organising tasks. Add coloured labels, set due dates and collaborate with others.

You could also create a daily schedule and block out time for your different tasks. Sometimes when we’re working on one thing we can spend way too much time on it and forget about everything else. Having set times for each task is a great way to ensure that you get things done.

Email Management Tools

Email management can take up a lot of time. If you’re dealing with an inbox that is full to the brim on a daily basis then you need to start using something that will free up time for you for focus on your business.

Set up an autoresponder on your email account to let senders know that you only check your emails at certain times during the day. Senders will know you have received their message and that you will get back to them later. And this should reduce the chances of people sending the same email again and again because they think you haven’t received their first one.

Gmail allows you to create canned responses to emails that you can paste into a new message with a click of the mouse. This is particularly useful if you receive a lot of emails that require the same response and don’t want to waste time typing it out again and again.

Appointment Scheduling Tools

When it comes to setting up appointments with clients it can be easy to spend way too much time going back and forth discussing availability. Thankfully there are tools to automate this task.

If your business involves taking bookings for appointments or calls, then it’s a good idea to enlist the help of software, such as Acuity. This tool allows your customers or clients to schedule their own appointments online. Setting up your availability, taking payments and automatically sending questionnaires and intake forms to your clients are some of the handy benefits of using a tool like Acuity.

You can also easily embed your schedule on your website or include a link to it in your email signature, social media and more.

There are a ton of different tools to boost your productivity and automate business tasks. This post has only touched on a few. However, even if you decide to take just a couple of these on board you’ll find that you have more time and freedom.