Easy Ways to Simplify your Business

Running a business can definitely be stressful at times but by adopting a few practices YOU can make your business simpler. Here are 5 ways to simplify your business!

1. Keep on Top of your Financial Records

Don’t wait until it’s time to do your taxes to sort your finances. Set up a spreadsheet or other software to keep track of your income and expenses, as well as your quotes, invoices and receipts (both incoming and outgoing). Keep scans of any paperwork on your computer or external drive. Also record any fees associated with the withdrawal of earnings (e.g. PayPal, Etsy, etc.)

2. Have a Marketing and Social Media Plan in place

Set aside some time to develop a kickass plan for your marketing and social media strategies. Know what you’ll do and when you’ll do it.

3. Schedule your Time

Break down your working hours so you don’t get burnt out. For example, if you provide a service and work with clients 1-to-1 set aside a percentage of your hours for doing just that. Divide the rest of your time to cover marketing and promotion, admin and maintenance tasks, creating content and of course, taking time out!

4. Offer Services that You Enjoy

There’s no point in offering services that you hate doing. Fair enough, we all have to do things that are not fun but don’t burden yourself with a whole load of things that just stress you out. After all you want a simpler business that allows you more freedom and less stress. Review the services that you absolutely dread doing.

5. Develop Systems and Processes

Have systems in place for taking on new clients as well as how you deal with current clients. What steps do you take when quoting and invoicing a client? What processes are involved for each service you offer? And make sure to have your terms and conditions outlined and keep a template of your contract on hand. Knowing exactly what’s involved in carrying out all these things will benefit you in the long run.