Planning Your Passive Income Strategy

Passive income products allow you to scale your business in a way that will save you time. Simply put, you put the work into creating your product (or joining an affiliate program, etc)  and then set it on autopilot.

But before you start introducing anything into your business you need to get your plans and strategies in place.

That’s why I’ve released a FREE Passive Income Planner. It is a 14-page printable planner that focusing on…

1. Brainstorming a Product or Course

2. Building Your Funnel with an eBook

3. Creating a Resource Page

4. Beefing Up Your Autoresponder

5. Building Your Blog

6. Doing Better Blogging

7. Creating Thank You Pages, and

8. Developing Your Upsell Process

If you’re ready to stop trading time for money, then grab your free planner here >>>