Creating Passive Income Streams 


Working on passive income streams will help your business stay profitable. The possibilities are endless but I’ve put together a small list of passive income ideas to get you started.


Start adding a strong call-to-action to your blog posts. Your call-to-action could lead your readers directly to one of your products or to your email list that you can nurture and market your products to.

Affiliate Links

If you are a member of any affiliate programs then creating content directly related to those products is a great way to boost your income. Include links in your blog posts or guides/freebies, but remember to include a disclaimer to keep things transparent. 

Writing eBooks

eBooks are fantastic for generating passive income, but they also help establish your authority and broaden your reach. Spend some time brainstorming your ideas and get writing.

Digital Products 

You could also create your own line of digital products and sell them through your website. I absolutely love digital products because they don’t take up physical space, AND you can create them once and then sell them over and over again. 

Yes, there’s a little customer service work to do and occasionally updates have to be done, but mostly digital products are fairly hands-off once created. 

Setting Up an Affiliate Program 

Once you have your own products created, you can set up an affiliate program. Although those who sign up to your program will be taking a small percentage of the profits they’ll still be getting your products in front of a large number of people. 

Of course if you want to start creating passive income you’re going to need a plan. But I’ve got you covered!

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