Coming up with Blog Content your Audience will want to Read

Generating blog topics can be difficult when you’re already super busy taking care of so many other things. There are, however, a handful of strategies you can use to ensure that you’re never stuck for ideas.


Where can you find your ideal client online?

Are there any particular forums or groups where your perfect client hangs out? There are Facebook groups on so many topics - you just need to find them and join them.

Your blog posts should address your ideal clients’ issues or pain points so answer commonly asked questions. Note down the topics and questions that crop up the most in those group and use them to inform your writing. That way you’ll know that what you’re writing is targeting the right audience.

You could even post a question, asking the group ‘what would you like to know more about in relation to X?

If permitted to do so share your post in those same Facebook groups. You could say something like, ‘hey, I know X is something a lot of people have been struggling with. So, I’ve written this blog to address these issues’... or something of that nature.

Action step: Join Facebook groups and see what pain points come up frequently. Browse online forums, such as Reddit too. List your topics.


Frequently asked questions

Think about the clients you work with or have worked with in the past. Are there some questions they always ask you? Use your blog as a way to answer those questions. If your current or past clients have asked a lot of the same questions then there are probably countless people out there who want to know about the same things.

You might be thinking ‘but I already have a FAQ page, why would I write a blog post?’ The reason is so that you can get more in depth on a particular topic and position yourself as an expert, and because it’s good for SEO - search engines love new content!

Action step: Make a list of the questions you are always asked.


Google is your friend

This is something I like to do now and then to get more ideas. Search for ‘blog post ideas’ and you’re bound to find numerous sites that offer lists of topics for a whole load of areas that are completely different to your own. All you’ve got to do is amend what you find to suit your niche.

Action step: Get Googling and make a list of blog post ideas that you can amend for your niche.


What you do

Write about what you do! Remember, it’s your business and you know more than anyone how it works.

Pick a service or product you offer and expand on one particular aspect of it. For example, if you’re a social media manager, pick one social media platform and write on one topic associated with it.

Action step: List your services/products. Write down associated keywords or topics for each one.


Next steps

After completing the action steps finalise your list of post ideas and get writing!