Creating a Vision Board for your Business

What if you could plan your business with inspiring images, words and quotes? Well that’s exactly what a vision board will do for you.

Gathering materials and images that represent your goals and aspirations and displaying them means that you’ll have a constant reminder of where it is you’re going. Without goals, it’s not really possible to stay focused when it comes to business growth.

Why you should use Vision Boards

This might seem a bit ‘out there’ but stick with me. Many successful people routinely use vision boards to help them keep their goals front of mind. This is why vision boards work so well. They allow you to easily see what you are working toward. Visual reminders that are constantly within sight mean that you are always aware of your “why,” and that’s a powerful motivator.

Your Business Vision Board

A business vision board can help keep you on track. On it, you can keep images and quotes that represent your ideal business.

So what kinds of things should you add to your vision board?

1. Your Perfect Client

Spend time determining exactly who you want that to work with. You can focus this by using affirmations such as: “My perfect client is happy to pay me what I am worth”.

Your vision board could include photos of:

  • The kinds of people you would love to work with

  • Elements that represent what you ideal client does

  • Inspirational people (and even experts) that you want to connect with

But first, get specific how you can help your perfect client. And if you haven’t already created your mission statement, do so now and keep on refining your mission statement until you’ve stated your purpose as it relates to your mission and business.

This is not some woo-woo magical thinking: The more strongly and clearly you envision and put into actual words and pictures the exact type of client you want and exactly how you are going to serve them (as well as what you’re going to generate in revenue from them, how you plan to invest back into your business so you can serve them even better, and why and how you are the ideal person to help them) then the more likely you will be to stay focused on and enthusiastic about strategies and mindsets that resonate with that exact type of client.

You’ll also be raising the bar on your subconscious, getting used to the idea that you are worthy to attract this particular type of client.

2. Money and Finances

When you are preparing add items to your board that deal with the money you generate, be sure to choose the right word for this section of your board—the ones that feels most empowering. You can call it “Finances”, “Money” or even “Wealth”, depending on your financial goals.

Do remember that one of the things you will inevitably want to do with this is set it up to help you increase your income.

When deciding on financial goals, put thought into:

  1. What you want to make, and give yourself a deadline for when you want to achieve that

  2. What you plan to invest in, to make your business grow

  3. How you will make the most of your money

  4. What you would like to see coming into your bank account or PayPal account

  5. What you want to allot to each key area of your life: Personal, Recreation, Business, Savings, Retirement, Taxes

When creating a vision board that includes your goals relating to money, you could use:

  • Pictures of people who inspire you to take firmer control of your finances

  • Pictures of what you would do with your money

3. Your Products and Services

This part of your vision board gives you the perfect chance to brainstorm your offerings. And it can be enormously powerful to create a timeline of your product or service development, including every phase along the way.

You could include images that represent:

  • The benefits and uses of your next offering

  • Who it is for

  • What you need to do to create it

Of course, there are many more things you can add to your vision board - you’ve just got to think about your goals for your business and work from there.

Once you create the right type of vision board for you and you’ve discovered the materials and methods you love to use, vision boards become much more than pleasant, pie-in-the-sky dreams. Just make sure that your vision boards show a high percentage of action-oriented images and prompts.

Create a vision board (or vision boards) you can really get excited about. Use them to plan your perfect business—and exactly the income and lifestyle you want.