25 Tasks that can be Outsourced

In a previous blog post I touched on a handful of things that you can outsource. In this post I’m listing 25 tasks that can easily be outsourced, which will save you so much time and give you space to focus on running your business.

25 tasks to outsource:

  1. Scheduling social media posts for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn

  2. Approving group membership requests in your Facebook group and general group moderation

  3. Creating a bundle of social media graphics that match your branding

  4. Scheduling your monthly newsletters

  5. Recording your social media and website metrics

  6. Scheduling pins on Tailwind

  7. Setting up your business accounts on Facebook and Pinterest

  8. Inbox management and responding to general customer queries via email

  9. Website design and updating web pages

  10. Creating opt-in freebies for subscribers

  11. Proofreading and editing blog posts

  12. Creating blog graphics

  13. Keyword research

  14. Creating infographics

  15. Landing page design

  16. Research for social media content

  17. Setting up email lists

  18. Putting together welcome packs and service brochures

  19. Installing and setting up website plugins

  20. Uploading content to membership and online course platforms

  21. Designing email templates

  22. Creating sign up forms

  23. Researching group boards on Pinterest

  24. Adding pin and board descriptions on Pinterest

  25. Checking website links

This list is by no means exhaustive. It all depends on what tasks take up too much time, your skillset and desire to do these tasks, and their priority.

What tasks would you outsource?