23 Beneficial Business Tools + Resources

Ask any business owner what their preferred tools and resources are and you’ll get any number of answers. This can be quite overwhelming when you first start a business so it’s a good idea to learn as much as you can about the kinds of tools that will help you get things done and stay sane.

I’ve put together a list of 23 tools and resources that I have found beneficial during my time in business and hopefully some of these will benefit you too!


1. TRELLO: This is by far my favourite way to keep on top of projects and plans. And it allows me to add team members to my boards if I need to collaborate with others on a project.

2. LASTPASS: A free password manager that lets you share and accept passwords securely. This is pretty handy if a client needs you to log in to their accounts as access can be revoked at any time.

3. ACUITY: Want your clients to schedule their appointments with you? Build your scheduler, set your availability and create forms for clients.

4. BITLY: Sometimes when we want to share a link on social media the URL is way too long and makes the post look a bit messy. Bitly is a free URL shortening tool that keeps things looking neat and tidy.

5. GOOGLE DRIVE: I store my files on the Google Drive which allows me to access them on my laptop, iPad and any other computer. I use shared folders with clients so that they can upload and access files as needed.

6. HELLOSIGN: I have just started using this for obtaining client signatures on my contracts and love it already. The free version allows you to send a limited number of documents for signing each month but the paid versions are reasonable if you send out a lot of contracts.

7. CALENDLY: Like Acuity, this is an appointment scheduling tool that is handy for business owners who would like their clients to book their own appointments.


8. SLACK: Slack allows you to collaborate and share messages with team members. It’s a good way to keep all team communication in the one place.

9. FACEBOOK GROUPS: I absolutely love Facebook groups for building connections with other business owners. Join some that you feel are a good fit for you and you’ll learn a lot from others, get the opportunity to offer support and maybe even get a new client or two.

10. ZOOM: If you do a lot of online consultations then Zoom is something you should look into. Use it for video calls, group calls and you can even record your sessions.

Products + Services

11. THINKIFIC: If you create and sell online courses or memberships, Thinkific is an easy way to put together lessons, modules and more. While you would need to upgrade to the paid version for certain features, there’s a lot that can be done with the free one.

12. COURSECRAFT: This is another platform for hosting online courses. It’s user friendly and like Thinkific, there are free and paid for versions.

13. APPLE PAGES: This is what I use for creating ebooks and printables. It’s fairly easy to get the hang of, allows me to create great looking products and only cost around €20!


14. WAVE: After spending way too long manually typing up invoices (I know, I know…) I decided that I need to get some invoicing software. I am so glad that I chose Wave because 1. it’s easy to use, 2. it allows me to send reminders and receipts, and 3. it’s free!

15. PAYPAL: While the fees can be a pain, I love that with PayPal I can create once-off payments and subscriptions. Plus their reports are easy to get your head around.

Social Media + Pinterest

16. BUFFER: The free version allows you to schedule up to 10 posts for each social media platform, which is good but if you want to scheduling more content in advance then go for the paid version. I pay less than €14 per month and this option allows me to schedule pins as well. Another good thing about Buffer is that it now posts to Instagram automatically. Yay!

17. TAILWIND: This is the ultimate pin scheduler. As well as scheduling pins, you can join tribes and access their in depth analytics.

18. PLANOLY: A visual Instagram scheduler that lets you schedule up to 30 posts per month and it posts to Instagram automatically.

19. PINTEREST: I first joined Pinterest back in the day when you had to request an invite! These days business owners find that it’s the perfect platform for getting your content seen by more people.

Creative + Branding

20. CANVA: It’s free, it lets you create eye-catching graphics for a whole load of projects and it’s simple to use. What’s not to love?!?!

21. SQUARESPACE: My web builder of choice! The drag and drop feature means that you can see your website come to life and it includes a range of built-in blocks that you would otherwise need a plugin for.

22. IMOVIE: If you use a Mac computer you more than likely have iMovie. Edit videos, add sounds and more. It can take a bit of getting used to but once you practice it a few times it’s pretty easy to manage.

23. ETSY: As well as running my own shop on Etsy, I have also made plenty of purchases for my own business (e.g. my logo). Have a browse and see what you can find.

Have you used any of these tools?

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